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Project Description

Have you ever had your app's users complaining that the app is not intuitive enough?
Or, maybe, you don't need them to - you know that yourself...

The ideal solution would be to, well, make it more intuitive, right?

Sometimes that requires a complete overhaul of the UX - and that's what needs to be done.

But sometimes the problem is that you simply use a "language" (UX metaphors, terminology) that seems quite obvious to you - but not so much to your users...

In such case the issue may actually be alleviated by simply taking the first-time users (or maybe even the returning ones, if they choose so) through a guided tour of your application.
"On your left you see this and that, and on your right..."
Yes, just like in a tourist bus ;-) 
Show them a screenshot, and briefly explain what it is they are seeing there.
They'll appreciate the concern :-)


So, how does this project help?

It allows you to add a bunch of pages, with built-in forward and backward paging, to your application.
Each page may contain a Title, a screenshot (or any other illustration), and some commentary.

Navigation back from the first page and forward from the last page will be disabled.

If needed, you can have an arbitrary page displayed first, if you want to take the user directly to some specific topic.

In addition to the pages' content, it is possible to customize the back and forward buttons' text (e.g. for localization purposes).

Please note: this is not a user control, this is a page; you cannot include it in another page or control, but rather have to navigate to it. Please see the Documentation for more details.

NOTE: this is the initial release. If you'd like to see some additional functionality introduced, please let me know.

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